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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Atlanta, Georgia - Wanambwa Enterprises LLC. releases new book “Stories From the Caddyshack” by Edward Wanambwa

Atlanta, Georgia - Wanambwa Enterprises LLC. releases new book “Stories From the Caddyshack” by Edward Wanambwa. Stories From The Caddyshack is a collection of colorful, revealing and emotional stories about the game’s greatest players told by the men who caddied for them. Working in their shadows, these men turned an occupation others considered demeaning into an art form. With pride and dignity they made an indelible mark on the game. In Stories From The Caddyshack Edward Wanambwa skillfully captures the challenges, tragedies and triumphs experienced by these extraordinary men.

“Stories From the Caddyshack” debuted on Jan 25th in Orlando Florida at the PGA Merchandise show and it was a huge hit. Here are some reviews:

Thanks so much for “Stories from theCaddyshack.” I’ve already read it, and learned it a lot; it’s aterrific, important book, and I’m so glad you wrote it.

Orin StarnSally Dalton Robinson Professor of Cultural AnthropologyDepartment of Cultural AnthropologyDuke University

” This book is a must read for all golfers. I love the way these stories were told and I encourage everyone to get a copy. this book is simply amazing”
Jeff Wilson PGA Professional

About the Author:

Edward S. Wanambwa is a dynamic and inspirational speaker who has captivated audiences all over the country. He has quickly become one of the most requested speakers in the business. His inspiring story of courage and determination touches people from all walks of life. He has shared his inspiring message of hope and determinationwith:


Civic Organizations

Sport Teams

Sales Forces Management Teams

Juvenile Detention Facilities Correctional Facilities

Sororities FraternitiesYouth Groups

Edward Wanambwa was born in Jinja, Uganda East Africa during the tenor of Idi Amin. Amid the terror and carnage, he and his family fled to the U.S. in search of a better life in 1977. After settling in Shorter, Alabama, Edward lost his father in a tragic automobile accident and one year later he lost his grandfather.

At an early age Edward was forced to assuming the duties of taking care of his younger sister and his aging grandmother. After several years in Alabama, Edward and his family moved to Los Angeles, CA.

The new environment presented various opportunities as well as new challenges. Despite the pressures of gangs and drugs Edward managed to overcome these obstacles and in 1988 he joined the U.S. Army. He served his country for 8 years and was honorably discharged from the U.S. Army as a highly decorated combat veteran to pursue a career in the Corporate Sector.

After 10 years in Corporate America, Edward walked away from his high paying job to follow his dreams and do what he loved to. Speak and Inspire people. He also started playing and writing about golf. Over the past 4 years Edward has become The Senior Editor of the African American Golfers Digest, an acclaimed Golf Writer, the best-selling Author of his popular book Wanambwa “One Who Survives” and the Lead Consultant of the Award winning Film “The Last Colored Caddy” And the President/ CEO of Wanambwa Enterprises LLC.

Despite numerous challenges, setbacks and obstacles in his life, Edward is a shining example of what a person can achieve if you simply believe in yourself. Today Edward is helping thousands of people unlock the greatness that resides within them. He has dedicated his life to “Changing the world one life at a time”.

To Book Edward today and experience a life changing message that is sure to change your life contact Phil Andrews of PA Public Relations Company at 718.380.2062

To order your copy of “Stories From the Caddyshack” log on to http://www.edwanambwa.com/books.htm


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