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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Beverly Hills, CA – National Bestselling book Loving the African Male: What Every Woman MUST Know tel serves as guide to bridging the cultural gap

Beverly Hills, CA – National Bestselling book Loving the African Male: What Every Woman MUST Know serves as guide to bridging the cultural gap. Finding love in the new millennium is tough, to say the least. So what do you do when you find “The One” and he’s from a culture totally different than yours? Loving the African Male: What Every Woman MUST Know is a guide to avoiding the cultural mishaps that can result in hurt feelings, divorce and even abuse. Dating expert, Pete “Oil King” Agbo provides complete instructions for making your relationship work. Filled with real-life examples and practical advice, this book offers tools for discovering the richness and diversity of the cross-cultural relationship.

Despite a shared heritage, American women of African descent are astounded at the width of the cultural divide. On the other hand, many African men, coming from a culture where women are seen but not heard, are not prepared for dating a woman who knows her mind and is not afraid to speak it.

And sex? The conflicting mores are enough to tear the most loving couple apart.

Pete, originally from Nigeria, draws on his vast experience in dating American women to share tips and advice on how to build lasting, loving relationships.

“American women do not have a context for understanding the upbringing of the African male and how it impacts the relationship,” says Pete.

Loving the African Male: What Every Woman MUST Know tells you how to:

Improve communications—learn how to talk so he will listen.
Recognize differences in attitudes towards money—is he cheap or thrifty?
Give and receive a gift—how much enthusiasm is too much?
Dine with his family—never pass the salt with your left hand!

“African men are most unaccustomed to American women’s outspokenness. In my native country of Nigeria, women were seen and not heard. American women do not understand why an African male tends to be dismissive of a woman’s opinion. Many American women come from a comfortable world that they take for granted. This book helps broaden their perspectives on how cultural differences translate to behavior they may not understand,” Agbo explains.

Agbo’s Loving the African Male: What Every Woman MUST Know has the potential to quench a lot of curiosity regarding many African customs. From language barriers to dining etiquette, Agbo addresses the issues from real-life situations he has witnessed and/or experienced through dating African American women here in the United States. For example, once you get deeply involved with your African man, and you possibly decide to move in together, try asking your licorice love to take out the trash one day and you may, in his language, be asking for a painful lump on the head. In his book, Mr. Agbo teaches how to alleviate such possible misunderstandings during the dating process and throughout the African man/African American woman relationship.

According to Mr. Agbo, “The African male is not at all prepared for dating a woman who knows her mind and is not afraid to speak it.” Mr. Agbo says the African male doesn’t believe in wining and dining women or giving romantic gifts. So ladies, you can forget about those Valentine’s Day Godivas or the long stemmed roses. And the dinner? You can forget that too, because on the rare occasion the two of you may go out to a restaurant to eat, you’d better be ready to pay the check because according to Pete, your African honey doesn’t believe in “wasting” money on taking you out to nice places when he could use that money to buy himself a new pair of shoes and send the rest home to support his entire village.

Full of facts and hopefully, lots of fiction about what really goes on in some African communities; Loving the African Male: What Every Woman MUST Know is a most stimulating conversation piece. Find out what Mr. Agbo has to say about hugging and kissing in African culture. What is your African love possibly hiding that can seriously concern you and how do you find out if he’s hiding something and if so, what? What happens when your African man’s mother comes to visit? What can you expect from him between the sheets? What is your “place” when his friends come over? How will he discipline your children – even if they’re not his?

Pete “Oil King” Agbo was born and raised in Nigeria and came to the U.S. in 1982. Now the CEO of Coal City Entertainment, Pete joined the U.S. Navy in 1986 and served in the first Persian Gulf War. After his honorary discharge, he worked full time while attending California State University Long Beach; he graduated with a degree in film and television production.

After two marriages and several failed relationships, Agbo says he has finally found true love with an African American woman. “I think that two people from different cultures have much to learn from each other,” he says. “This book will help couples discover the richness each of them brings to the relationship.”

Loving the African Male: What Every Woman MUST Know is a guide to bridging the cultural gap in nearly every social and interpersonal situation.

“An engaging look at dating in the global village. Agbo tells the American woman in a relationship with an African man how to leap across that cultural divide. Also a primer for African men on the finer points of dating American women.”

—The New York Times Book Review

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