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Thursday, May 04, 2006

AuthorStreet.com helps Authors Get Published and Get their Books Sold!


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AuthorStreet.com helps Authors Get Published and Get their Books Sold!

Charlotte, NC(rushprnews)05/03/2006 – AuthorStreet.com helps Authors Get Published and Get their Books Sold! 1n April 2006 the Williams Sisters launched AuthorStreet.com to recognize the needs of promising writers and authors to get published and have their books distributed worldwide at a price they can afford.

After contacting several self-publishing print-on-demand companies, the cost to set up a hardcover book or paperback book seemed to be feasible at the beginning of the process, but once the price for printing and shipping was added to the package, the invoice soared into thousands of dollars, a cost most authors cannot afford. There had to be an easier, quicker, more affordable way.

The Williams sisters’ expertise in the Information Technology and graphics design field lent a hand to their publishing dilemma. The answer was ebooks or electronic books. Electronic books in PDF format have been introduced to the literary world and The Williams sister had the technology to transform manuscripts into electronic books and sell them online with a full color book cover in a matter of days. An author’s ebook has special security features to protect an author’s work. It can even read out loud to the reader without the author having to record a word, which is especially helpful for the visually impaired.

AuthorStreet.com is now a place where authors and writers worldwide can get their Microsoft Word manuscripts electronically published into, what is known today as an ebook, establish an eye catching book cover, sell their ebook online and have access to book fairs, conferences and seminars for writers. There are no printing costs or no shipping costs ever

Authorstreet.com also offers website services, postcards, business cards and electronic press kits so they can send their bio, book synopsis, press stories, book signings testimonials and much more to interested prospects.

Among their first published authors are, Kelley Bradshaw with a novel entitled “Treacherous” and Phil Andrews of PA Public Relations, with a book entitled “The Day I Decided to Become the CEO of My Own Corporation”.

AuthorStreet.com has been selected as a media sponsor for the 2nd Annual Queens Book Fair, along with Thebacklist.net, Awaressmagazine.net, Blackstarnews.com, AALBC.com, RushPRnews.com, and PaPublicrelations.com


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