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Thursday, March 30, 2006

The 1st Aspicomm Self Publishing Symposium & 1ST S’Indie Awards A Literary Success

The 1st Aspicomm Self Publishing Symposium & 1ST S’Indie Awards Produced BY Renee Flagler During Women's History Month is a Literary Success.

(PRWEB) March 16, 2006 -- The 1st Aspicomm Self Publishing Symposium & 1ST S’Indie Awards Produced BY Renee Flagler During Women's History Month is a Literary Success.

Where were the next top self-published authors from around the nation during Women’s History Month like Marc Lacy; author of (The Looking Heart & Reflux CD), Rodney E. Daniels (Only God Can Create a Woman), Sherry Brantley (Best of Friends), Shirley Green (God Within a Shadow), Vernelle Edwards (Missionary) James Nash (Truth Told), Naomi Douglas Davis (Write 1.com), Mel Hopkins (Sleeping With the D-Man), C. Renee West (Caught in the Struggle), Joan Robertson (In the Winter of Her Season), Sherry Brantley (Choices the Power Within You), Leon Dickerson (Dr. Dickerson, His Dissertation, and God), Shirley Green (God Within The Shadow), Vernelle Edwards (Missionary) and Lonetta M. Taylor (Fia and the Buttefly) on March 12, 2006 from 8:00am-5:00pm

These next happening authors fast on their way to the top of the African- American literary scene as many guests got to know about their lives and stories one- by- one were at The 1st Aspicomm Self-Publishing Symposium and S’Indie Awards, held at the monumental and historical Schomberg Center of Research in Black Culture and founded and produced by Ms. Renee Flagler (Aspicomm.com); Best Selling Essence Author of Mountain High, Valley Low and founder of Futures by Design; a non profit organization with “a mission to mentor and coach at risk teens for brighter futures.” Monumental history was made on this day!

The Aspicomm S’Indie Award winners were selected with much anticipation, nervousness and excitement in the air. Sherry Brantley; author of Best of Friends won for Best Fiction Novelist, Kevin Wayne Johnson; author of Give God the Glory (not present) won for Best Non-Fiction, Marc Lacy; author of The Looking Heart won for Best Poet of the Year, Joan Robertson won for Best Spiritual/ Inspirational Novel, Lonnetta M. Taylor; author of Fia and the Butterfly won for Best Children’s Book and Shirley Green; author of God Within the Shadow won for Best Cover. Heather Covington (President of the YOUnity Guild of America; editor-in-chief of Disilgold Soul Literary Review (Disilgold.com), EMCEE and judge of self-publishing contest, was awarded with the Aspicomm Trailblazer Award of Excellence for outstanding achievement in publishing, media, marketing and support of the literary community.

The self-published authors were asked to introduce themselves and share insight about their books. Key highlights were when self-published author Leon Dickerson (Dr. Dickerson, His Dissertation, And God) won iUniverse Self-Publishing’s 8 week showcase program on Barnes & Noble Bookstores.

JOLIE Magazine publishers attended the event and were surprised with a Best Beauty Magazine of the Year Award in commemoration of Women’s History Month for fostering high self image in woman and being a leading new beauty and wellness publication focusing on women of color.Currently, there is no magazine on the market that focuses strictly on beauty and style from an ethnic perspective.

Jolie Magazine was founded in 2005 by two African-American women, Alicia Marie Rivers & Rachel Breton after recognizing that African American communities, as well as Latino, Asian and other minority groups are grossly underserved in the quality and quantity of beauty, fashion, celebrity and style publications targeted to its audience. Jolie strategically caters to the needs and wants of this niche market.

The May 2nd Issue will feature Candice Dow (Caught in the Mix), and Darshell DuBose Smith signed to Amber Books,Tony Rose’s leading African-American Publishing Company of Self-Help Books, Career Guides and Celebrity Bios (Amber Books.com) and who also attended the 1st YOUnity Guild Awards featuring Michael Baisden and Def Jam’s Bruce George.

Poet Marc Lacy, all the way from Alabama,was announced for multiple awards by C& B Book Distribution and Disilgold Soul Magazine. He will also be featured in JOLIE Magazine; “the First Beauty Magazine for African- American Women of Color (www. jolieliveprety. com) thanks to Ms. Renee Flagler’s referral of the poet to the YOUnity Guild who won the Aspicomm Poet of the Year Award.

Self-Published author, Rodney Daniels expressed his plans to take his book, “Only God Can Create a Woman” to the top where to belongs. The audience was marveled by author Naomi Douglas Davis’s Write1.com featuring interactive email dialogue from characters. Best Selling author, Vincent Alexandria was called up for a surprise role play skit on how to get industry people to notice a new author’s work which added entertainment for a venue designed to bring less stress to the game of publishing and more motivation, encouragement and professional advice.

Other notable and talented self- published authors from around the nation attended the event, receiving a generous wealth of information on specially entitled panel discussions such as “How to Succeed in the Publishing Game,” “To Sell or Not Sell One’s Book,” “Distribute and Get Paid,”Rising Above the Masses; Marketing, Promotions & Publicity),” “Targeted Success by Market,”“Access to Capital & Smart Money Management by Small Business Administration,” and a special “Hot Button Topics” led by author Vickie Stringer who helped to expose the pros and cons of all publishing modes.

The venue was quite entertaining and very informative as many guests expressed their admiration for panelist speakers like Vickie Stringer; Hip Hop Queen of Literature (Triple Crown Publications Publisher & Author) who was also the Keynote speaker, Former William Morris Agent Mannie Barron (Menza Barron Literary Agency), Victoria Christopher Murray (Regional Editor of Black Issues Book Review & Author), Julia Shaw (Director of Harlin Jacque Publications), Phil Andrews CEO PA Public Relations www.papublicrelations.com and host of Power Networking Series www.powernetworkingseries.com.

Afternoon panels included beneficial discussions by James A. Nemley former Director of Small Business Consulting Services for the Community Development Corporation of Long Island, Inc., and Mr. Miguel Centeno of the SBA, Vincent Alexandria (Author, multi- talented entertainer and founder of the Brother 2 Brother Symposium), Diane Gedymin (Editorial Director of iUniverse, a leading self-publishing service provider) and Nancy Flowers (Flowers in Bloom Publishing, Best-selling Essence author).

Takesha Powell (Author of The African-American Writer’s Guide to Successful Self- Publishing) was admirably referred to as a leading book on self-publishing, although not present, and Vickie Stringer’s “How to Succeed in the Publishing Game,” who sold out her books later on during post panel discussions. Also, missed was Maurice Brian Henderson, but mentioned and receiving a gracious applause as a critically acclaimed writer of 20 nationally produced plays and CEO of New Arts Production Publications.

Wanda Starkes was also a judge for event who could not attend and top reviewer for the renown C& B Books (www. cbbooksdistribution.com); a company noted as one of the Top 100 Most Influential and instrumental businesses in 2006 for promotion of literary artists by Black Issues Book Review (www. bibookreview.com). They’ve also supported authors like Cynthia D. Hunter (Diary of A Crack Addict’s Wife) now slated for a full play production this year.

Black Issues Book Review Editor, Adrienne Ingram made it possible to bring the event to Harlem’s own Schomburg as a resident of Harlem. The event expressed the need for authors and publishers to help and support each other by promoting books with entities like AALBC.com of which Mr. Troy Johnson attended, showcasing one’s titles at Book Expo America where many book deals have been made as featured in the current issue of Black Issues Book Review and taking out sizeable ads in all minority newspapers which reach the African-American community at large to better support sales and more exposure. The event ended with networking, powerful connections and memories that will last a lifetime thanks to the 1st Aspicomm Self-Publishing Symposium.

Renee Flagler has a new book entitled MisGuided that hits bookstores April 2006. She omitted her biography for event, but Heather Covington, historian and author of Literary Divas™ scheduled for release this year interviewed Renee at event while event was occurring to in return, surprise Renee with a YOUnity Guild Entrepreneurial Legend Award of the Year. She was also honored with a Proclamation from Senator David Patterson who named the month of March ,officially at the Aspicomm Awards, National Self-Publishing Month.

The event ended with a wonderful surprise for Vickie Stringer who has paved the way for aspiring literary artists. A gifted and talented artist, William West, The Chronicle Artist of New York City Historic Events, gave a painting valued at over $1000 to the talented literary artist who began her career as a self-published author. All photos by Mr. Seitu Oronde’ (Oronde’ Media- Seituo@ yahoo.com) To request to be added to email list for next year's Self-Published Authors Symposium log on to www.aspicomm.com and contact via email.

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