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Friday, January 06, 2006

Yolanda M. Johnson Author of new book Circumstances set for release January 2006

Lewisville, TX – Yolanda M. Johnson Author of new book Circumstances set for release January 2006

Lewisville, TX – Yolanda M. Johnson Author of new book Circumstances set for release January 2006. Circumstances is the highly anticipated book from eclectic writer, Yolanda M. Johnson. Ms. Johnson brings us the passionate story of Renee Matthews, who desperately searches for inner peace and her rightful place in life.

A mentally abusive, self-proclaimed, spiritual mother, Barbara Jean Jackson, daunts her. Barbara Jean keeps her daughter torn between her personal insecurities and her desire to love and be loved. Renee succumbs to fear as she turns down the proposal of long time friend and confidant, Charlie Thatcher, in fear of his racist mother; and hers.

Trying to take control of her life, Renee falls in love with Stuart Humphries, a smooth Internet playboy. Within Stuart’s past lies a secret that even he has yet to learn while Renee’s past, a secret lies in wait for its resurrection and hopes of destroying everyone, including Renee.

Circumstances is an engaging tale of a daughter’s quest to find inner peace while dealing with a dysfunctional relationship with her mother. Yolanda Johnson touches on issues that may shock you: however you won’t be able to pull yourself away from the pages.”

--Shelia M. Goss, Essence Magazine’s Best Selling Author of My Invisible Husband and Dallas Morning News Best Selling Author of Roses are Thorns, Violet’s are True.

Yolanda Johnson is a powerful new voice in the literary world. Circumstances leaves you wanting more!

--Sylvia Willis Lett, author of I Wish I Had Waited, Dallas Morning News #1 Best Seller

Format: Trade Paperback, __ pages, 6x9

Publisher: Literary Wonders!

Published: November 2005

Release Date: January 20, 2006

ISBN: 0-9770403-0-5

Price: $15.00 US

Scheduled Online Availability:

www.literarywonders.com, www.yolandamjohnson.com, www.Amazon.com, Barnes and Noble.com.

Scheduled Distribution:

Ingrams Book Company, Baker & Taylor and Amazon.com,

Author is available for book signings, interviews and speaking engagements.

Someone once said, “if you want to hide something from someone, put it in a book”. Now ain’t that the truth?



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