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Monday, October 24, 2005

National Best Selling Novelist Joan Robertson recieves top review by Rawsitaz.com

National Best Selling Novelist Joan Robertson recieves top review by Rawsitaz.com

National Best Selling Novelist Joan Robertson recieves top review by Rawsitaz.com. Rawsistaz is one of the top reviewer websites in the country. The Reading and Writing SISTAZ (R.A.W. SISTAZ) Online Book Club was founded by Tee C. Royal in September 2000 and focuses on reading, writing, and discussing books primarily by African American Authors.

Rawsistaz reads three books a month (one is optional) as a group: the Book of the Month (BOM), an "Ole-school" book and an alternate book. Members vote via an online poll, the alternate book is selected by the founder.

PublishAmerica, May 2005
217 Pages, Paperback, $19.95
ISBN: 1413760864
Genre: Fiction

RAW Rating: 4

When Will My Season Arrive?

IN THE WINTER OF HER SEASON by Joan Robertson features New Yorker Sandra Hamilton who receives word that her father, Reverend Doctor Trevor Hamilton, Jr., is gravely ill with cancer and she must travel back to her childhood hometown of Cambridge, Massachusetts to care for him by assisting her mother.

Sandra has deep-rooted secrets of her childhood, which have manifested into adulthood, and going back may bring them to the surface. Sandra must also deal with the fact that her brother Jimmy and boyfriend Les are less than thrilled with the idea of going to Cambridge to see the elder Hamilton.

Sandra and Les await the arrival of Jimmy and his wife Gee from Santa Monica, California and together they travel to Cambridge to begin an uncertain journey. Upon arriving in Cambridge, small amounts of information are revealed - Sandra begins to drink alcohol at the age of twelve unbeknownst to her family and best friend. Jimmy also explains his demons and his reasoning for leaving home at an early age.

During subsequent trips, Jimmy is killed, their mother Hyacinth dies and finally Reverend Hamilton passes on. At this point Sandra begins to hear the voice of her mother guiding her daily. While this element shocks and startles her, she heeds her mother’s advice and is introduced to startling information about her family.

IN THE WINTER OF HER SEASON has many elements that make for a satisfying read –developed characters, vivid imagery of the surroundings in question and of the characters’ appearance, and realistic dialogue and musings.
Finally, heartfelt emotions are brought to the forefront with some great transitioning from the present to the past.

The transitioning is smooth and flawless as we come to understand the childhood of both Sandra and Jimmy and the childhoods and marriage of their parents. The author has added secondary characters who are necessary to the story and each play an integral part, while not overshadowing Sandra’s story.

IN THE WINTER OF HER SEASON is a powerful look into self-discovery, overcoming adversity and accepting faith. This is a very good first novel because of the emotions elicited and the ability of the author to utilize writing techniques to paint a distinct mental picture of the characters through the use of letter writing, poetry, strong prose and an intriguing plot.

Reviewed by Dawn R. Reeves of The RAWSISTAZ™ Reviewers

First-time Novelist Joan Robertson Author of In The Winter of Her Season who writes about triumph and hope will be available to sign autograhed copies of her best selling nove. Every year, publishers receive hundreds of thousands of manuscripts from would be authors, hoping for a chance at their first bestseller. Joan Robertson was no different.

As a self-proclaimed conqueror of life's storms, Joan Robertson believes she was destined to write her first novel, In The Winter Of Her Season (http://www.publishamerica.com) , June 2005, softcover/$19.95). After years of work, Robertson's book is finally available.

The book chronicles the life of Sandra Hamilton, a young businesswoman, who travels to Massachusetts to help care for her cancer-stricken father. Upon arriving, Sandra is haunted by the ghosts of her childhood, and suffers many painful losses, causing her to spiral into deep-rooted despair.

Through inspiration and the insight of a trusted confidant, Sandra comes to believe that she can transcend her challenges, cultivating a connection with her own inner voice and finally revealing her family's secrets. In the end, Sandra learns the lesson of forgiveness, and rediscovers faith, love, God, and herself.

Robertson believes her message is a timely one. Today, women suffer depression in far greater numbers than men, the result of stress, strain, pressure, and even abuse. "Sandra's journey is laced with heartache, but also humor and probing realism," says Robertson. "The story invites women to evaluate the trials of their lives, gaining wisdom, meaning, and strength from them."

Joan Robertson has twenty years of experience as a technical writer, but her love for creative writing as a tool for healing goes much farther. In addition to In the Winter of Her Season, Robertson is also a published poet.

Joan Robertson has participated in workshops by the international organization Voices in Action (Voices In Action is an international organization providing assistance to adult and adolescent victims of child sexual abuse and other sexual trauma, including rape.

They help victims become survivors and create accurate public awareness of the prevalence of child sexual abuse and other sexual trauma, its impact, and ways in which it can be prevented or stopped through educational programs), located in Cincinnati, Ohio,

She has also participated in the Women’s Health Expo and Film Festival at LIU’s Brooklyn Campus, and other events around the country.

Novelist Joan Robertson is scheduled to participate in the upcoming Self-Published Authors Symposium.

The symposium will be held on Sunday, March 26, 2006 from 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. Schomberg Center in Harlem, New York. Registration is $150. To register today visit www.aspicomm.com and click on events.

For more information, or to purchase a copy of In the Winter of Her Season, visit http://www.joanrobertsonnovelist.com. Joan Robertson’s novel is also available at http://www.cushcity.com, Hue-man’s Bookstore, Sister’s Uptown Bookstore which are located in Harlem, New York.


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